Finding your perfect second home in London


You would be hard-pressed to find a better place to live and work in than London. The capital city is as famous for its beautiful buildings and rich historic culture as it is for its breathtaking green spaces; there’s always something new to discover – within the course of work or play. 

If you’re looking to make London your second home - a place to use as your base when you’re working in the capital - we have some valuable information to help you make the best-informed decisions to find your second home in London.

We will be exploring the below topics in this blog:

  • How to make the most of moving to London alone for work
  • Why Pimlico is the perfect area for professionals living in London
  • First-time renters in London- essential tips
  • Professionals moving to London - essential tips

How to make the most of moving to London alone for work

In this section of our blog, we’ll explore some expert tips for making the most of your move to London. If you’re moving to London alone, you might not have a ‘local’ at your disposal to show you the ropes. Read on for some practical insights on how to make your move to London a memorable one.

Finding accommodation in London

Accommodation is the first priority for any traveller, and even more important for those looking to relocate for work. You’ll want to find accommodation that offers the amenities you need while giving you convenient access to transport links.

Dolphin Square is conveniently located in prestigious Pimlico, a district of London near Westminster –providing you with easy access to some of the capitals most famous landmarks:  the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, and Big Ben. 

Make your London commute a breeze 

London is notoriously easy for getting around, although the planning might seem overwhelming for a newcomer.

Your London commute planning options are summarised below:

  • The underground network runs on different lines, which are all different colours. A tube map reveals where these lines cross, so it’s easy to see where to change trains. If you get on the tube and find you’re going the wrong way, get off at the next stop, and cross to the opposite platform – and you won’t be charged any extra (unless you leave the station itself). 
  • Oyster cards can be used across the network. It activates when tapped on card readers dotted about – usually small podiums with the Oyster card symbol on them.  Travel is capped at a daily rate to help prevent overspending.
  • TFL (Transport for London) Journey Planner allows you to enter a starting point and endpoint to find out exactly which trains to get, when to get them and how long the journey will take. You can also get travel disruption updates to better plan your route in situations where there are delays or cancellations. 
  • Airports: If your work requires international travel, you’ll be able to reach many airports reasonably easily. A trip to the end of the Piccadilly line, for example, can take you to Heathrow Airport, while trains from Victoria station – around 20 minutes from our Dolphin Square accommodation – can take you to Gatwick Airport. 

Why Pimlico is the perfect area for professionals living in London

Pimlico combines all the things that make the city so special with a perfectly central location and a rich history. Transport networks are easily accessed, and you’re surrounded by intriguing neighbourhoods.

When you’re looking for places to live in London, Pimlico is also an essential area for business people looking to make a move to the big city.  

Below, we have detailed a few reasons as to why Pimlico is the ideal location for professionals to live in London:

1) Pimlico is affordable 

Budget will always be a factor when deciding on a place to live in London. This doesn’t mean you have to be forced to live in a less desirable area. 

Pimlico is the perfect area for those wanting a location with all the amenities and services you need while offering great surroundings. We’ve got the perfect accommodation – Dolphin Square, a range of contemporary and affordable apartments in the heart of the capital. 

2) Pimlico is a professional travellers ideal location

It is especially important for business people living in London to have convenient access to local amenities.

Your accommodation should act as a ‘central hub’ – providing you with quick access to everything you need. 

Here’s why Dolphin Square’s accommodation in Pimlico is ideal: 

  • A plethora of supermarkets - including Tesco and Sainsbury’s
  • Convenient fast food - from takeaways to trusted Nando’s
  • Dining options galore - top bars and restaurants to enjoy, including our own on-site bar and grill
  • Green spaces and gyms - perfect for those keeping in shape, our on-site gym is the epitome of convenience 
  • Transport links -  the ultimate convenience

3) Pimlico is a transport hotspot

In the corporate world, networking with peers is just as important as having a reliable travel network. Pimlico provides a wealth of transport options:

  • Pimlico underground station: Running on the Victoria Line, the station is just 18 minutes from Canary Wharf, London’s financial district. 
  • Victoria underground, rail and coach stations: Connections across London and nationally, under 20 minutes’ walk from your Dolphin Square accommodation. Victoria underground is also on the Victoria, Circle and District lines to make travelling a breeze. 
  • Millbank Millennium Pier: Riverboat services and options for corporate events.
  • Santander Cycles: For green commuting across the capital.

When it comes to your new corporate apartment rental or second home in London, having good travel connections is crucial. Our prime Pimlico location is situated in Zone 1 of the tube network, meaning there’s no long commute to get into the centre of London – or to most other districts of the city.  

4) Dolphin Square has it all 

A short walk from Pimlico underground station, our modern accommodation boasts a variety of features. Here are a few things you could benefit from when choosing Dolphin Square as your second home location in London:

Expansive communal gardens: Ideal for working from home, or as an open space to enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the weekend,  our impressive gardens are a real asset especially in a city where outdoor space can be limited.  

Tennis and squash courts: Hone your serve and stay fit and well, or why not use them for an informal way to get to know clients?

Swimming pool, spa and gym: Ideal options for those keeping up with their fitness and wellbeing.

Shopping arcade, bar and grill: We’ve designed things so that you don’t have to leave the Square if you don’t want to.

24-hour security: Rest assured you and your home are in safe hands – whether you’re there or not.

Private parking: Available at additional cost if you have a car – and the complex is located outside the congestion zone, saving on those costly tolls. 

First-time renters in London: essential tips

If it’s your first time renting in London, you’re in for a treat. The thriving capital has so much to offer, but it can seem a little overwhelming or daunting at first glance. 

Here are a few tips that will help you make your first time renting in London an enjoyable experience.

1) Budget

London is home to some beautiful parks and green spaces and brings together an eclectic collection of cuisines and experiences in its impressive range of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. 

Getting the most value for your money is essential to creating an enjoyable London living experience. Dolphin Square’s rental apartments are modern yet affordable, and gives you the chance to experience the best of London without breaking the bank. 

If you’re first-time renting in London, you couldn’t do better than Dolphin Square. 

2) Documents for your London move

Renting a London property is undoubtedly a more straightforward process than buying a property. However, there is still some administration and document requirements you’ll need to be aware of:

  • References from previous landlords or letting agencies. Your current landlord may be able to give you a character reference, and there should also be a payment record to prove you’re a reliable tenant. 
  • Identification is valid in the form of a passport or driving licence. This is required to help prove that ‘you are who you say you are’.
  • Proof of address can be in the form of past bills showing your current address. This is also part of the identification process.
  • Proof of income such as payslips may be needed to show you’re in stable employment and will be able to make rent payments. 

3) Some expert advice

Be aware of ‘rogue landlords’ and hidden fees in your contract. If you’re looking into sharing accommodation, it’s important to decide how bills will be managed at the property, especially in situations where someone you’re renting with wants to leave. 

Lastly, you’ll also need to know about your responsibilities as a tenant - including testing smoke alarms or notifying your landlord about repairs. Be sure to check whether you’ll be able to decorate when you move in, too!


Professionals moving to London: essential tips

Whether you’ve never set foot in the capital city before, or you’re a seasoned visitor, we can help find you the best places to live and visit when you decide on moving to London.

1) Be realistic about the cost

Such a big move should really be grounded in reality – or in other words, your budget. Consider all the ‘hidden costs’ of living in London and ensure your budget can meet your expectations. 

  • Eating: London has some of the world’s most famous restaurants. It also has more affordable and convenient takeaway and dine-in options. 
  • Local attractions: Site-seeing can be done cheaply if you’re willing to walk, rent a bike from one of the city’s many cycle schemes, or use a tour bus company. 
  • London accommodation: Pimlico’s Dolphin Square is fantastic value for money.  Not only do our corporate apartments come with included guest amenities such as a gym and pool, but it’s conveniently situated in London’s Zone 1. 
  • Commuting: Our prime location means that you might not have to travel far at all.

2) Be realistic about your expectations

Regardless of where you’re relocating from, London is bound to be a more expensive place to live. Sometimes it is inevitable that you might need to spend a bit more money. The trick is to find ways to get more value out of the same amount spent.

It’s worth looking into annual travel passes if you live further out from the city, or if you live closer to the city centre- opting for accommodation that includes housekeeping services and has some decent on-site facilities.

You might find that if you live outside the city centre, you’ll travel into it nearly every day in any case. That’s why central accommodation, like Dolphin Square, could actually save you money in the long-run. 

3) Have clear expectations of your accommodation 

Having a second home in London is about more than just having a bed for the night; it’s about having somewhere to feel at home. Somewhere you can rest, relax, and recharge yourself for each new workday.

Deciding what you’re looking for from your second home puts you in good stead to find a place well-suited to your needs.

Here are some things we’re proud to offer at Dolphin Square, which should serve as inspiration while figuring out what you’re looking for:

  • Contemporary, modern accommodation: Our buildings are located in an affluent area with lovely surroundings -  without the hefty price tag. 
  • Fitness & wellbeing is catered for: Tennis? Squash? Gym? A spa for that matter? Dolphin Squareproudly offers all of this and more.
  • Your security is a priority: 24-hour security gives you peace of mind and safety at all times, whether you’re home or away. 
  • Private parking: Ideal for those with a car – or for visiting friends. We’re also outside the congestion zone.
  • Little extras: From our very own bar and grill to a shopping arcade, you’ll never be lost for things to do, and the best news? They’re right on your doorstep.

Final thoughts...

Once you’ve decided the non-negotiable expectations that will define your second home location in London, you’ll be better placed to spot a great deal when you’re presented with one. 

Now that we’ve helped you navigate your move to London, why not get in touch with our friendly team today and book a viewing

Regardless of your second home requirements, we’re confident we have the solution to your needs, as well as the knowledge and experience to deliver on your expectations. 

Our corporate lettings are tailored to meet the needs of professionals planning to live in London for work. Each of our apartments has been individually renovated and impeccably maintained. Our purpose is to provide you with a  home-from-home environment.  

If you want to live in the heart of London, in a historic and iconic apartment complex, then Dolphin Square is a perfect fit for your second home needs.

We look forward to welcoming you.