The essential guide to London corporate apartments


We’ve written this guide as a primer for information about corporate apartments in London. If you’re interested in this type of let but need to know more before booking, then this guide is for you.

After reading, you’ll know what to expect from a corporate apartment, the benefits of this type of let, indicative pricing for the various types of apartment available, and much, much more.

Here’s what you’ll find inside -

  • An introduction to London corporate apartments
  • Who can use a corporate apartment 
  • The benefits of booking a corporate apartment
  • What to expect inside your apartment
  • Corporate apartment amenities
  • Corporate apartment costs

London corporate apartments: An introduction

Although it may look like the clue’s in the name, there’s more to corporate apartments than meets the eye. If you’re not familiar with this type of booking, let us fill you in.

What is a corporate apartment?

A corporate apartment is intended for use primarily by companies or employees. Usually, corporate apartments are fully-furnished and maintained especially for corporate use, although this is not set in stone. We’ll go into more detail on the different uses of corporate apartments in the next section.

Corporate apartments are considered an alternative to hotels and are favoured by many people for the higher levels of comfort and flexibility they offer, as well as for the long-term rental opportunities.

How do corporate apartments work?

From a supplier side, corporate apartments are maintained to be available at a moment’s notice. They’re furnished with everything a business visitor needs to settle straight in, and they’re cleaned regularly by on-house cleaning staff.

From a customer side, corporate apartments are booked as and when required. Then, when you arrive, you’re greeted and shown to your room. You’re free to come and go as you please during your stay, and many corporate lettings come with a suite of amenities to enhance your stay. We’ll cover these in a future section, as well.

Corporate Apartments

Using a corporate apartment

Ask somebody “what is a corporate apartment?” and they’ll probably give an answer along the lines of “an apartment rented out by a company where its employees can stay whilst visiting a city”.

And that answer would be correct, in some cases.

But there are plenty of other use cases for corporate apartments, too. Let’s take a look at a few -

Short-term lets by different people

Like the case above, a company can rent out an apartment on a long-term basis so that employees or guests visiting London on official business have somewhere to stay. In this case, the apartment is an asset of the company.

Long-term lets by one group

A business can also rent an apartment on behalf of one employee (and maybe their family) who are required in London for an extended period. This takes the burden off of the visiting employee and gives them somewhere to stay for the duration of their trip.

Short-term lets by individuals

In the age of Airbnb, people often look for a serviced apartment rather than a hotel room. This means there’s now more overlap between corporate lettings and other user bases, and formerly-corporate lettings are sometimes used by families visiting a city who need a short-term base, or students living in a city who need a term-time address, or similar.

Essentially, a corporate letting is an apartment in London with an excellent location and great transport links, making it perfect for anyone needing a base from which to operate.


What are the benefits of a London corporate apartment?

So, maybe you’re still wondering why you should opt for a corporate apartment over a hotel? This question has a lot of answers. Here are some of the most convincing - 

No need to invest in expensive furniture 

All of our apartments are lovingly kitted out in stylish and comfortable furniture, hand-picked by our design team. Not only will you find everything you need to live comfortably, but you’ll be taken aback by the elegance and coordination.

And the best part? You don’t have to look at a single furniture catalogue.

No need to move out your furniture

In this case, what goes in doesn’t have to come out. One of the hardest things about moving house is arranging transit of your furniture - firstly from the house to the moving van, then from the old house to new, then back into another house.

With a corporate letting, all of this is taking care of for you. You barely have to lift a finger, except to sign your tenancy agreement.

You’re in the heart of the action

“Central London” is a big place. Almost misleadingly so, in some neighbourhoods. Pimlico, however, is right in the centre. Step out of your front door and you’ll see the Thames, then a short walk away you’ll find Westminster - the seat of our government and, just up the road, our monarchy. It doesn’t get much closer than this.

There are transport links to the entire city just a couple of minutes walk away, too. Pimlico Station is on the Victoria Line, one of the best-connected on the underground network.

Flexible options to move out

In today’s fast-paced world, being roped into a 12-month contract just doesn’t cut it. And at Dolphin Square, we get that. That’s why our terms are flexible and easy to navigate: You stay with us on your terms, then when you’re ready to move on, it’s easy to do so.

An apartment for every need

Corporate apartments offer a lot more variety than the cookie-cutter hotel rooms you’ll often come across while travelling for business. Instead of a bed and en suite, with maybe a kettle, you’ll have a living space with separate living and sleeping areas, kitchen facilities, and all the amenities you need to live comfortably (more on those in the next section..!)

Tried and tested

We’ve been doing this for a while, and it’s allowed us to fine-tune our offering to cater exactly to the needs of even the most discerning corporate traveller. Our concierge will greet you on arrival, and ensure things run smoothly. You’ll be shown to your apartment, given a brief tour, and then it’s your home from home.

Inside you’ll find kitchen facilities, a curated living space, comfortable sleeping arrangements, and luxurious bathrooms. It’s immediately inviting, and it’s the perfect base for your activities in this fine city.

Sounds inviting, doesn’t it? Let us run you through the other features that distinguish a corporate let from a hotel.

What to expect in a London corporate apartment

We’ve outlined the benefits. Now we’re going to show you what to expect from a corporate apartment. This section is designed to refine your expectations and, hopefully, convince you that a corporate apartment aligns perfectly with your needs.

Here’s what you’ll find -

Digital connectivity

Corporate apartments are tailored for clientele on business, so it makes sense that they offer the best, most reliable internet connection. At Dolphin Square we offer high-speed internet in every room of every apartment, to ensure that you’re always plugged in.

Transport connectivity

The best corporate apartments connect effortlessly with London’s vast transport network. Rather than struggling to find the nearest tube station or having to wait in a long line for a bus, Dolphin Square drops you straight into the London Underground network.

You can hail a cab right outside our door, too, and there’s even a riverboat service if you’re feeling adventurous!

Meeting facilities

You’re travelling for business, so it stands to reason that you might need a space to hold meetings. The best corporate lettings offer dedicated meeting space which visitors can book out to host business events at short notice, and Dolphin Square stands proudly in this category.

Our dedicated meeting spaces come with free Wi-Fi and even a selection of tea, coffee, and muffins for attendees. For a small fee, we also offer an LCD projector with a screen, a flipchart, a TV, or a full PA system. 

Our rooms span in size from classroom, which can seat 15 people, right up to our reception - big enough for 120. In short, whatever your meeting needs, we can help you to deliver.

Food, exercise, and TLC

Very few people want to get home from work, then sit in their apartment all night until heading to work again in the morning. People want to explore, to eat good food, to work out, and to be pampered.

And guess what? We’ve got you covered on all of those points.

Exploration? Check. Head outside, walk in any direction, and you’re on your way to one of many of London’s best sights.

Good food? You got it. Our Bar & Grill restaurant serves gourmet British cuisine and fantastic wine. Eat take out in your room or join us in our beautifully ambient dining room.

Working out? The DSQ gym has a wealth of high-end equipment to help you keep trim and burn off any excess energy you’ve got left after a long day. We offer classes as well, for those of you who prefer a more structured, collaborative workout.

And pampering? Well, our on-site spa, inspired by the essence of Morocco, has everything you need. We offer a variety of cleansing and healing massages and rituals, suited to any part of your body that feels overworked or otherwise in need of some TLC.

Full information on the amenities available at Dolphin Square is available here.

London Corporate Apartments

Corporate housing costs and billing

Just like any accommodation, corporate housing costs vary depending on your needs and requirements. At Dolphin Square, we offer a host of different apartment types and sizes, well-suited to a wide variety of business travel needs.

In this section, we’ll run you through the pricing of a few of our apartments to give an indication of what you can expect to pay. Your price will be tailored to your needs and depends on availability, so these figures are designed to be illustrative.

How much will a studio corporate apartment cost?

Our studio apartments are concise and optimal for business travellers looking for a no-frills base in London. We offer 28 studio apartments, all with king-size beds, LCD flat-screen TVs, and minimal cooking facilities. These apartments can sleep two, with triple occupancy available in some apartments with rollaway beds.

Our studio apartments start at £99 per night inclusive. 

How much will a one-bedroom corporate apartment cost?

Our one-bed apartment offers a king-size bed, separate lounge, pantry style kitchen, and en-suite bathroom. It’s one of 73 one-bed apartments in Dolphin Square, all of which are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, LCD flat-screen TV with Freeview, electronic safe, iron & ironing board, and more.

Base rates for this apartment start at £109 per night, including taxes and fees.

We also offer packages. For example, a one-bed apartment with Arabian Scrub & Nourish ritual at the Spa is £335 per night.

How much will a two-bedroom corporate apartment cost?

Our two-bedroom apartments are ideal for bigger groups or for people who want to bring their family along. The facilities in our two-bed apartments align with those in our one-beds. 

Prices for a two-bedroom corporate apartment with one bathroom start at £199 per night. Two bathrooms bump that number up slightly to £229. Both prices include taxes and fees.

Other corporate apartment options

We offer triple apartments, great for large groups, along with a master suite. This deluxe double apartment has a supersize bedroom and bathroom, along with a garden view.

These options start at £159 per night and £129 per night, respectively.

To see all of the corporate apartments we offer, and for more info about facilities, pricing, or to make a booking, click here.

Choosing Dolphin Square

At Dolphin Square, we consider ourselves the go-to provider for corporate lettings in London. We’ve refined our service offering over many years, putting us at the top of our game and giving us an in-depth understanding of the needs of our clients.

We cater to individuals passing through London for a quick meeting, right up to groups looking for a longer-term base of operations. Whatever you need, we can help you to find it, ensuring comfort, luxury, and high-quality service throughout.

We’d love to show you around one of our corporate apartments and to help organise your booking. We understand that it’s not just about a place to lay your head down at night: It’s about somewhere that’s home from home. Somewhere you can come back to after a tough day at work, and truly relax. Where you can eat, drink, exercise, and unwind.

So let us help you to find the perfect corporate apartment for your needs.


There you have it

This guide has outlined everything you need to know about corporate lettings. From the types of let available, to the services and amenities you can expect from this type of let, you should now have the information you need to make an informed decision about booking a corporate apartment in London.

In terms of next steps, why not take a look at our corporate bookings page? Here you can see exactly what we have available, and curate your booking based on your individual needs.

If you need a reminder of why Dolphin Square is a cut above the rest, you can also find out more about the spa, DSQ Gym, and our meeting rooms.