How to find the best Central London apartments for rent: short term lets & extended stay apartments


When you’re looking for the best Central London apartments for rent, it’s important to prepare yourself with the relevant research and knowledge before starting your proverbial hunt.

Central London boasts a diverse property market, with many different types of lets available, from long-term rentals to short lets and extended stays. Whether you’re planning to settle in to living in London for many months, or perhaps only a few short weeks for work, we are dedicated to helping you to find your dream home away from home in the capital. 

As established Central London rental experts, we’ve put together some valuable information to assist you during your apartment hunt - regardless of how long you plan on relocating to the capital.

We have categorised this blog into two easily navigated sections; short stay apartments - ideal for those looking to relocate to Central London for shorter-term work commitments, and extended stay apartments - best suited to those who are unsure of the duration of their stay, those wanting to avoid admin-heavy agreements, as well as those looking for flexibility in their rental period.

We’ll explore how you can go about finding the very best apartments in Central London and provide you with a comprehensive list of considerations to work through before committing.  

Expect to discover the vast benefits of Central London living as we give you a glimpse inside our exquisite range of short stay and extended stay apartments at Dolphin Square.


Central London Apartment Rentals: short stay vs extended stay

Your reason for relocating to Central London will influence which type of rental is best suited for you. 

Opting for a short term rental in Central London offers you the same rights (and gives you the same responsibilities) as a ‘regular’ tenant. This includes a tenancy agreement, paying a deposit, and regular billing. Extended stay apartments are also privy to the same rights and responsibilities we outlined above, with the added benefit of the flexibility to extend your stay at the end of each week.

We are proud to offer both short term lets and extended stay apartments – allowing you to choose the option which suits your needs best.

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How to find the best Central London apartments for rent

Business travellers (both local and international) are often sent to the capital for varying lengths of time. Working travellers often head to London to attend important meetings, conferences and seminars - requiring them to find accommodation for a shorter period.

Hotels are often the first accommodation type to be considered for short stays in Central London. However, for anything other than a single overnight stay, hotel stays can be costly. Many business travellers are choosing short let apartments for their Central London work travel as they start to realise the benefits associated with it. Short term let apartments offer a contemporary, home away from home accommodation option without the hefty price tag associated with hotels.

If short term apartment rentals are new to you, the next section of our blog will detail some aspects to consider when hunting for your short let accommodation.


What is a Short-Term Rental?

Short-term rental contracts are tenancy agreements that are shorter than six months. Short-term renting is ideal for professionals who are staying in London for too long to simply book into a hotel, but not long enough to rent an apartment for six months or more.

How to find the best short term let apartments in London

If you’ve decided that short term let apartments are the best option for your specific needs, we’re here to help you find the best ones. To secure the best short term lets in a competitive London rental market, you need to be willing to do a bit of hunting. 

Here are some platforms to help you find your dream short stay apartment in Central London:


Airbnb is an online platform for short-term lets. This platform has the functionality to filter apartments by area, size, price point, length of tenancy, and features. You can also read reviews from past tenants to get a better idea of the experiences they had during their stay. 

The platform allows users to filter short stay accommodation options by location, and will display a selection of apartments available that meet your criteria.

You can read reviews and explore star ratings from past tenants to get a good idea of what to expect from your stay.

Dolphin Square 

Dolphin Square is an established name in the accommodation industry. Our prime Pimlico location is one of Central London’s most sought after properties thanks to its contemporary apartment furnishings and competitive pricing. 

You’ll find a variety of modern apartments available for short term lets, designed to suit your busy lifestyle and business accommodation needs.

Our corporate short stay apartment offerings include:

If you’re travelling with family, or intend to have visitors over at the weekend, you’ll be glad to know that our short term rentals allow for extra guests at no extra cost.

Each of our short term rental apartments is decorated with modern, high-quality furnishings. As a resident of Dolphin Square, your apartment will be fully managed by our onsite professional management team, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. 

Our building is located in Zone 1, providing you with convenient access to all transport links and significantly cutting your cost of commuting.

With flexible leases, our short term rentals provide a sanctuary to help you unwind after a day of dealing with the demands of work. 

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5 Considerations for Short-Term Apartment Rentals in London

A shorter rental period doesn’t carry any less responsibility than a longer-term agreement. As you would for a standard length rental agreement, you’ll need to conduct the same research and put in the same effort to find your ideal short let apartment. 

London’s rental market requires you to act quickly and decisively if you are to find your dream home in this sprawling city.

Below, we discuss the 5 main considerations before signing on the dotted line of your short term rental agreement. 

  1. Decide where you want to live 

Your first consideration when hunting for the best modern apartments for short term rent should be proximity to your offices. Living nearby helps keep the cost of commuting low,  and also helps to ensure your travel doesn’t take up too much time. 

Once you’ve mapped out the best locations to stay that will complement your commute, think about the area you want to stay in.

Are you better suited to an urban environment, bustling with restaurants and bars? Or do you prefer suburbia? Perhaps you’d prefer living near to Central London’s attractions, or maybe you’d like to live near its shopping districts. These are all considerations to take on board before deciding on a final location. 

  1. Compare the rental prices for your area

Now that you’ve decided on a location, you can determine the average rental price for the area. In comparison to the rest of the UK, rental prices are notably high in Central London. It’s still possible to find affordable accommodation in some areas within Central London.

Both Mayfair and Pimlico are prestigious locations to live in; they are also within walking distance of each other.  Mayfair’s reputation drives up average rental prices, while Pimlico offers you the same prestige without the associated price tag. 

There are however other factors that influence the price of your short-term rental in London, aside from the area. These are:

  • Apartment size - one bed or two
  • The state and quality of interiors
  • Whether the cost includes bills
  1. What is included in your short term rental pricing?

If you’re going to be based out of a short term rental apartment for a work assignment, you need to ensure your rental includes basic amenities that will allow you to be productive.

Professionals following a busy schedule will want to have a serviced apartment, allowing them to free up their time by having housekeeping services looked after. Others professionals may want certain appliances included - such as washing machines or dryers. If you're required to work from home, you will want to ensure that WiFi comes with the property as standard.

The biggest commonality with professional short term renters is the need for an apartment to be furnished. Nobody wants the hassle of buying expensive furniture or appliances for such a  short period of time. You’ll be glad to know that all our short term rental apartments come fully equipped with modern appliances and amenities.  

  1. Ensure all agreements are reflected in the contract

If you reached any agreements outside of the scope of the rental contract, you must ensure these are added (in writing) to the signed documents. For example, if the landlord has at their discretion agreed to allow you to pay monthly instead of weekly, or to keep pets on the premises, this should be noted down before moving in. This can remove areas of uncertainty and circumvent any issues down the line. 

Your tenancy agreement should be formally amended to clearly stipulate any verbal agreements.

  1. Take all costs into account

You must consider the additional costs of living in London, other than rent. 

  • Firstly, find out which bills are included in your rental fee. 
  • Consider your daily commute to work - and budget for transport costs. 
  • Will you be buying lunch every day? Or will you need to prep meals in a savvy way?
  • Are you planning to embrace London’s nightlife or foodie scene? 

Think about how much money you’ll need in order to make the most of your time in London. Only then will you know much money you can comfortably spend on rent each month. 

Opting for a short term rental is likely to work out significantly cheaper than staying in a hotel room for months. 

Your short stay rental in Central London: in summary

The fiercely competitive London rental market rewards effort when you’re looking to rent an apartment in the short term. If you take the time to plan your apartment hunt, and set out your own non-negotiable criteria for your ideal temporary home, you can look forward to spending a few very comfortable, convenient, and memorable months (or weeks) in the UK capital.

If a short-term rental agreement seems like too much commitment for the time you’ll be spending in the capital, you may be better suited to extended-stay apartments. Dolphin House proudly offers extended stay accommodation for this reason.

The next section of our blog will help you learn more about the benefits of opting for an extended stay apartment rental.


Extended stay apartments in Central London

Professionals may travel to Central London for extended periods of time. An ‘extended period of time’ can be described as any duration of stay that is longer than two nights, but less than six months. 

It can be challenging to decide on the best type of accommodation in this instance. Hotels are exceptionally pricey for a long stay, while short-term rental options are often accompanied by lots of admin, for a relatively short time. 

We already know that renting in Central London is an expensive affair. Opting for extended stay apartments allows you to enjoy all the benefits of having a home away from home in the capital without the hassle of signing tenancy agreements, and all the admin that comes with renting. 

Below, we will go on to explain why extended stay accommodation could provide you with the perfect solution for your business travel needs.

What is an Extended Stay Apartment?

Extended stay apartments are a type of accommodation that you stay in for longer than the typical length of a holiday, but for a shorter period of time than a ‘traditional rental’. This time frame is usually around two weeks.

By choosing extended stay apartments in Central London, you can avoid the high price tag associated with hotel living. You’ll also enjoy the freedom of your own personal space - you can come and go as you please. You will be privy to high levels of privacy, independence, and home comforts. 

You’ll also have space and equipment to entertain visiting family, friends, or colleagues. This can make all the difference to your time in Central London; the novelty of returning to an anonymous hotel every day after work quickly wears off. The best extended-stay apartments will also come with access to upscale amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, restaurants, bars, and spas. This lends your stay all the luxuries and novelties of a hotel stay, without the downsides.

The Best Extended Stay Apartments In London

Dolphin Square Studio Apartment

Dolphin Square studio apartments boast bright and airy spaces with contemporary decor and modern features. Our extended-stay studio apartments are perfect for solo travellers who are keen to stay in modern yet competitively priced accommodation in Central London.  

Our newly refurbished extended stay apartments include fully integrated kitchens, as well as modern bathrooms. The bedrooms are bright and spacious, and we’ve gone to great lengths to find the best beds for you to enjoy a peaceful nights’ rest on during your extended stay.

At Dolphin House, our residents have access to our award-winning Moroccan spa, our pool, gym, and tennis and squash courts. There’s also our exquisite bar and grill, perfect for a leisurely (or quick) meal and a much-needed glass of wine after a day at the office. Our shopping arcade is available for you to indulge in all the retail therapy you like.

Located in Pimlico, at Dolphin House our residents are in the city centre, making travel to important locations simple, convenient, and economical. In addition to having all the bars and restaurants of well-heeled Pimlico on their doorstep, our apartments are located within walking distance from Mayfair, Chelsea, and other prestigious areas. 

Extended stay one-bedroom apartments

Our extended-stay one-bedroom apartments are our most sought after accommodation. 

The competitive pricing of our one-bedroom extended stay apartments is based on a few factors; these spaces range in size, layout, and location around the square, and are priced depending on those factors. 

More spacious than our studio apartments, our one-beds are popular with solo residents who prefer a little more space, as well as couples. 

Extended stay two-bedroom apartments

Located in picturesque Pimlico, Dolphin Square’s exquisite two-bedroom apartments provide a spacious sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of London city centre. 

Modern furnishings and chic decor ensure residents have a memorable stay at London’s most distinguished rental address. 

Our two-bedroom apartments feature two bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a reception area and a kitchen. They are ideal for professionals who want to share accommodation or have family and friends over at the weekend. 

You can choose between apartments with two double bedrooms, and with one double bedroom and one single.

Why Choose Extended Stay Apartments?

If you’re undecided as to whether an extended stay apartment is right for you, consider some of the factors below:

Keeping costs low

Hotels are a popular option for business travellers. High-quality London hotels come with a hefty price tag. It might be worth shelling out for a hotel if you’re only in town for one or two nights, but a longer stay will make a serious mark in your expense account. 

Fortunately, extended stays offer the same novelty as a hotel at a fraction of the price. 

Prime locations 

Most extended stay apartments in Central London are frequently used by companies to temporarily house their employees and clients. As a result, most successful extended stay accommodation providers are located in desirable areas close to attractions, shopping, entertainments, restaurants, and other amenities. They also tend to be located close to the city centre and have excellent transport links nearby.


A ‘home away from home’ 

Business travellers know the feeling all too well; returning to an anonymous hotel room night after night, while colleagues return home to their families. 

Hotel stays can be a great novelty for a few nights, but after some time, even the most seasoned traveller begins to long for more space and independence than can be offered by a hotel. 

This is one reason many business travellers turn to short term rental contracts: in order to create a real home for themselves during their time in London. 

Yet extended stay furnished apartments offer all this too, without committing you to a tenancy agreement.  Extended stay apartments offer more space and that ‘home away from home’ feeling that anonymous hotel rooms simply don’t. 

Services and amenities

Extended stay apartments are more likely to come with services such as housekeeping and laundry than standard rental apartments. 

This value-added service is incredibly helpful when your days are busy, and the last thing you want to do when you return ‘home’ is work through a long list of chores. 


By nature, extended-stay apartments come back on the market more quickly than rental properties, as temporary tenants come and go, and landlords aren’t fixed into long contracts. 

This means you don’t need to worry that you won’t be able to find a place – even if you’re booking at the last minute. 

Furthermore, by simply extending your stay rather than moving from apartment to apartment during your time in London, you’ll save a lot of valuable time.


Extended Stays At Dolphin Square: Professional Central London Accommodation

At the prestigious London address of Dolphin Square, you’ll find a variety of extended stay apartments.

These include:

Our residents also benefit from access to Dolphin Square’s resident gym, swimming pool, tennis courts, squash courts, and Moroccan Spa, ensuring optimal wellness during their extended stay. There’s also the upscale Bar & Grill, and our shopping arcade, for some retail therapy.

Further to this, our apartments all benefit from 24-hour security, ensuring our residents’ safety, as well as housekeeping services. 

If you like the sound of Dolphin Square’s extended stay apartments, and the many amenities that complement them, you can book your extended stay here.

If an extended stay apartment or short term rental apartment feels right for your time in the capital, then we’d recommend taking a look at Dolphin Square’s range of modern apartments. We really do believe they’re the best in London.

With a range of apartment sizes and rental rates, our beautifully furnished, chic apartments provide a heavenly home away from home during your time in Central London. Moreover, our central Pimlico location means you’ll be well-positioned to make the most of your time in the capital, with all the attractions of Westminster, Chelsea, and Mayfair just a stone’s throw away. 

Browse our range of chic apartments here, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about life at Dolphin Square.